Welcome to my travel blog page about Brazil. I have traveled around Brazil for 7 months and came up with the idea to write blogs about this incredible country. Brazil has much more to offer than just soccer, carnaval and jungles, and that is what I am here to show you. Besides that I hope to encourage people to start traveling as well and have similar, awesome experiences that I have been through the last couple of months. After Brazil I continued my trip to the rest of South America, the United States and since the end of July I am back in my home country the Netherlands to save a bit money for my next destination Australia.

The things I write about are mostly differences and surprising things about the culture, life style, places and people in Brazil, combined with own travel stories. But also blogs about traveling in general. As I’m a beginner in writing blogs, let me know what you think about it and feel free to contact me by Facebook for tips for a similar trip!